Miss Diagnosis



About the Owner...​

     Dr. Amanda Rogers is a kind-hearted healthcare provider and medical laboratory professional, bringing along 17 years of direct patient-care and specimen collection service experiences to the community. Amanda always shows compassion towards all Clients by providing the upmost therapeutic approach to blood collection techniques, specializing in “tough sticks” as well as people who experience “fear of the needle”.


     Dr. Rogers understands the importance of bringing routine healthcare visits, such as blood draws and COVID screens, back into a homebased setting. This approach has been an integral part of surviving as a small business in our new “COVID-conscious” world. Amanda identifies as a female, woman-owned, Latina business owner who has remained dedicated to her field, especially during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

     Over the last 17 years, Amanda has garnered the respect of high-profile

clients, celebrity patients, the community and her fellow healthcare professionals by providing professional-level care for patients requiring specimen collections and specialty kit collections. In addition, Dr. Rogers also has 15 years of clinical research and regulatory operations experience from previous employers such as Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Danbury Hospital, to name a few. Amanda has earned a Doctrine from Harvard University in Healthcare Administration, a Master of Health Sciences in Biomedical and Laboratory Medicine from Quinnipiac University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology from Post University. She has also earned a “National Phlebotomist Technologist” Certification from the National Phlebotomy Association.

     Dr. Rogers was also recognized as a “Women of Empowerment” (featured in the “VIP” section) in the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 issues of POWER Magazine for significant recognition in her contribution to the field. Amanda was motivated by a humbling childhood by a very young age, as well as a severe car accident that left her with injury to the neck, spine and jaw at the age of 15 (as a “belted” front seat passenger riding with her foster mother). This drove Amanda to change the way that healthcare is delivered to patients overall, and to grasp a deeper understanding of the human body, particularly with emphasis on delivering a higher level of care.

     Amanda remains non-judgmental towards her Clients’ unique situation, especially as it relates to specimen collections... she is considered a “tough stick” herself. As the owner of Miss Diagnosis Mobile Phlebotomy, Dr. Rogers continues to give back to her community, not only by delivering high-quality healthcare, but by also organizing various community events (such as food & clothing drives) in the city where she lived from the ages of 14 through the age of 33, except during five years living in South Florida and one year living in Providence, RI, but all while still working in clinical research and laboratory medicine. She missed her family and friends so ultimately, Amanda, moved back to the Northeast.

     Today, Dr. Rogers owns a successful mobile laboratory business and consults as a clinical research specialist. When she is not busy, Amanda enjoys traveling with her family, reading urban fiction novels, cooking, snuggling with her cats and learning as much as she can about biology, the human body, and continuing to improve the quality and delivery of patient-focused healthcare.